Think out of the folder

Peony is the next-generation cloud storage that unleashes your creativity.
Peony app preview

We bring cloud storage to 3.0

It's contextual
No more wonky file names
Turn your folders into flexible workspaces.
add context, notes, tasks
It's seamless
No more endless downloads
Your web and native workflows in one place.
web, native apps
It's private and secure
No more file peeping
Enter E2E encryption and web3.0 storage.
Available Spring 2023
Decentralised stroage

Now, let's elevate your productivity

Showcase your work
Turn your folder into a stunning portfolio page.
Portfolio page
Kickoff your project
With templates, project setup now takes only one click.
Project setup
Onboard your team
Say goodbye to readme.txt and email attachments.
Onboard team mebers

A new era of creativity and collaboration

More alignment, less chaos
More alignment, less chaos
Shared context right in your folders. Now watch collaboration happen.
Power to the Pros
Power to the Pros
Connect any apps to build your dream workflow. Pro-native or web-based.
One place for everything
One place for everything
Files, web assets, notes, comments... Everything for your project in one place.
Speed is the name
Speed is the name
Zero setup, lightning fast sync, intuitive user interface. Ready to sprint.

Experience the future now


To all of you
who keeps at it because you believe,
who goes that extra mile because you care,
who risks to speak out because you have a voice:
You inspire us to push boundaries,
and you all deserve to bloom like a peony.