Impress your clients in 5 minutes

Peony is a file sharing service that lets you deliver your files with context and makes your content pop. It is the tool to use when your work really counts.
Big campaign delivered using a Google Drive folder?
Unprofessional looking Google Drive folder
Your best work deserves the best presentation.
Delivering files with Peony looks stunning

Ready, set... Send

Step 1. Drop your files
No more attachment size limits. PDF, Figma, AEP, Google docs... Web or native, Peony handles them all.
Upload files
Step 2. Add your context
Say goodbye to README & long email chains. Add your context directly to your files and make your space stunning.
Add context
Step 3. Deliver to your clients
Don't get spam filtered. Have one single link for great deliverability and protect your content with password and expiry date.
Deliver to clients

Use cases

Hand over assets like a pro
Asset handover
Deliver awesome brand guidelines
Brand guidelines
Share stunning sales proposal
Sales proposal
Send beautiful data rooms
Investor data room


Context is king
Context is king
Bring all communication to one place and drive clarity without long email chains and README files.
Update after you send
Update after you send
No more awkward wrong file moments - your recipients will always see the latest version.
Goodbye to spam filters and size limits. Send one simple link and land in inbox.
Stunning presentation
Stunning presentation
Make your content look beautiful with our meticulously designed spaces.
Security first
Security first
Keep bad actors out with password protection and expiry dates.
Track real engagements
Track real engagements
Get notified when recipients meaningfully interacts with your contents.

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To all of you
who keeps at it because you believe,
who goes that extra mile because you care,
who risks to speak out because you have a voice:
You inspire us to push boundaries,
and you all deserve to bloom like a peony.